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Oaxaca Language Schools

Learn Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico

Study Spanish in the colorful Mexico of coffee-table art books, where colonial and indigenous meet.

Spanish Schools in Oaxaca, Mexico

Why Oaxaca As Your Language Learning Destination?

Teach Me Mexico Helps You Find Your Perfect Spanish School in San Cristobal de las Casas

Many people choose this mid-sized, colorful, southern Mexican city to study Spanish because of its

  • eco-friendliness. Go hiking in the surrounding Sierra Norte. Hop on a horse or make your way on a mountain bike to witness waterfalls or the world’s largest tree (at least width-wise).
  • indigenous culture. Oaxaca’s large native presence brings cultural, culinary, and linguistic flavor to the city. Savor the influence of
         Zapotecs, Mixtecs, and Triquis, as well as other groups with pre-Hispanic roots, by
    • attending the famous regional folk dance festival, the Guelaguetza
    • volunteering with one of the numerous non-governmental organizations there
    • visiting nearby indigenous towns like Teotitlán del Valle or Tlacolula.
  • crafts and art. Whether in the museum or the market, marvel at the colors, workmanship, and traditions of fabulous hand-dyed-and-woven textiles, such as huipiles (a native-style tunic) and my favorite rugs ever; wood carvings and those whimsical multi-animals, alebrijes; unique Oaxacan black pottery; stamped tin pieces; and stunning jewelry; as well as fine contemporary art.
  • Authentic Oaxacan Food
  • food. Taste Oaxaca’s indigenous and Hispanic flavors -- just like its history -- in its mouth-watering mole (chile/chocolate/seed sauce), tempting tlayudas (a.k.a. Oaxacan pizza), classic quesillo string cheese, crunchy chapulines (grasshoppers), rich hot chocolate (with cinnamon and almonds), and bold mezcal, among other delightful delicacies. Learn to make these dishes yourself with a cooking class at your Spanish school.
  • fun. Three words: giant carved radishes. Huh? Be in Oaxaca a few days before Christmas for the Noche de los Rábanos to size up the, um, sculptures fashioned from specially grown radishes.
  • numerous Spanish schools. Choose from more school programs, even ones in universities. Oaxaca is used to seeing students, both Mexican and foreign. There’s something to be said for that.
  • proximity to ruins and beaches. Climb a pyramid or wander among the ancient spirits of nearby impressive archeological sites like Monte Albán and Mitla. Soak up some sun for a weekend or a week off at one of Oaxaca state’s breathtaking beaches, just a few short hours away from the capital city. (Teach Me Mexico can arrange Spanish classes for you in Huatulco or Puerto Escondido too if you’d like to continue your language learning journey while there!)

Read about more Things to Do in Oaxaca or write us now if you're already stoked about studying Spanish there!


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