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We Are Teach Me Mexico

  • Ray of Teach Me Mexico


    Ray first came to Mexico with the Peace Corps in 2006, where he met his Spanish-teacher-to-be-wife, Laura. With a bachelor’s in computer engineering and an MBA, Ray, with Laura, has since established a bricks-and-mortar Spanish school, and then branched out into online language classes in 20 languages.

    Born in Asia, raised in Europe/Middle East, but from the U.S., Ray loves living and traveling in Mexico. His brainchild, Teach Me Mexico is a natural extension of his expertise, experience, and passion.

    • Favorite Mexican city: San Cristóbal de las Casas
    • Likes: Kendo, the gym, writing
  • Laura (on right) of Teach Me Mexico


    She can’t be everyone’s Spanish teacher, but we wish she could! With a bachelor’s in education (concentration in English and Spanish as a second language), Laura (on right in pic) is devoted to teaching Spanish. Her enthusiasm and understanding of foreign language acquisition (and, um, a few other things) impressed Ray, and continue to inspire students at their school, where she is academic director.

    Laura continues her quest for excellence in language pedagogy; she starts her master’s in educational technology this fall. She supports Teach Me Mexico with her deep knowledge and experience in Spanish schools in Mexico.

    • Favorite Mexican city: Playa del Carmen
    • Likes: yoga, agility training with their dog Frida
  • Kim of Teach Me Mexico


    A former foreign language teacher with a master’s in French from Middlebury, Kim first came to Mexico years ago to really learn Spanish. She stayed with a Mexican family and took intensive Spanish classes, just like the programs that Teach Me Mexico offers. After many visits and much traveling in the country, she moved to Mexico four years ago.

    With much of her professional experience in online communications, Kim creates content, markets, and manages day-to-day operations of Teach Me Mexico.

    • Favorite Mexican city: Querétaro
    • Likes: photography, cooking, hearing her cat purr
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Our Story

The actors in the Teach Me Mexico story appear above, but the plot goes like this:

Ray came to Mexico with the Peace Corps, where he met Laura, his then Spanish teacher. They married and spent several years working in different parts of Mexico and in various Spanish schools, in both administrative and academic areas.

When Ray and Laura asked students at the schools how they came to study at those particular Spanish schools, the answers were always the same: “I found the school on the web,” or, “A travel agent who has never been to Mexico arranged this trip for me.”

Some of the Spanish students were very happy with where they landed, but others complained how they had spent a bit of money on their trip and were disappointed because the school was not “as advertised.” It seemed like it was more luck than anything that students found a school that fit their specific expectations.

Ray and Laura knew they could do better. They knew the schools. They knew the places. And thus Teach Me Mexico was born. But with their other obligations, including their own Spanish school plus an online language business, they couldn’t run it only themselves. So they asked Kim, who had similar experience and passion, to help.

Today Teach Me Mexico is essentially a travel agency that specializes in finding your perfect Spanish school in Mexico. Except that we’re not just some agent -- or worse, a computer program -- who sells you a package to someplace we’ve never been. Instead, we’re real people. With real experience in learning Spanish. And we’re really in Mexico (and love it).

Let us share our passion and knowledge with you. Tell us what you want in a Spanish school in Mexico. We’ll help you realize your dream.